The QSCA Experience

MENTALLY: “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” Phil 2:5
● To develop a Christlikeness reaction to life.
● To discover and develop individual aptitudes.
● To cultivate power of critical thinking.
● To impart a command of common knowledge and skills.
SPIRITUALLY: “Let the Word of God dwell in you richly.” Col 3:16
● To encourage personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as Saviour.
● To enrich a child’s devotional life.
● To develop a well-balanced and Christ-like personality.
● To give knowledge, love, and understanding of the Bible.
● To instill a sense of concern for the lost.
● To encourage those who know Christ to share the gospel.
SOCIALLY: “No man liveth unto himself.” Romans 14:7
● To instill loyalty of Jesus Christ in all things and at all times.
● To develop a sympathetic understanding and helpful participation within the
family unit.
● To help the child share his Christian responsibility as a citizen.
● To awaken and foster missionary responsibilities at home and in foreign


● To develop an agape love for all while knowing the sinfulness of sin.

PHYSICALLY: Present your bodies a living sacrifice..unto God.” Romans 12:1
● To develop a respect for the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.
● To teach intelligent care of the body.
● To encourage the yielding of the body as an instrument for God’s use.
EMOTIONALLY: “Be strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might.” Eph 6:10

● To establish an emotional balance.
● To build a Spirit-controlled personality.
● To enable the child to adjust himself easily to situations in which he/she finds
himself or herself.
● To develop healthy interests and abilities

The three-part goal for each student will be:

1. To receive the training in order to become a functional, productive,
contributing member within the spheres of God’s designated authority of the
home, the church, and the government by learning and applying Biblical
principles of life.
2. To know how to live in a right relationship with God, and in a beneficial,
supportive relationship with other people.
3. To learn the foundational skills of learning, communication, and technology in
order to function successfully in today’s society.