QSCA Staff and Leadership

At Quartzsite Southern Christian Academy (QSCA), our passionate staff forms the cornerstone of our institution, playing a crucial role in providing outstanding education and care for our students. Our team, comprised of dedicated and experienced educators, is committed to fostering a nurturing and supportive environment for our students. Under the leadership of Principal Pastor Jeff Saxton and his wife Karen, who also serves as the 1st-grade supervisor, our staff focuses on delivering a top-quality, Christian-centered education tailored to the individual needs of each student.

QSCA was founded as a response to the absence of quality public education in the small town of Quartzsite, Arizona. Recognizing the importance of proper education for the children in our community, our church took the initiative to create a private school, funded by donations and scholarships. Our diverse team of educators and administrators brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to QSCA, ensuring that our students receive the guidance and support they need at every stage of their academic journey. Together with our dedicated Board of Directors, the QSCA staff strives to provide an enriching educational experience that equips our students for success in their future endeavors.

QSCA Staff

Pastor Jeff Saxton


Pastor Saxton and his wife Karen answered the Lords calling to move down to Quartzsite Arizona 5 years ago from Ringgold, Louisiana where he pastored for 23 years. Within the 5 years they noticed there was a lack of education as the main school was “F” rated. Pastor Saxton and his wife Karen are both an important part of our staff as Pastor Jeff is the principal and Mrs Karen is the 1st grade supervisor. In June Pastor Jeff Saxton attended A.C.E Administors Training to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Gina Saxton

Superintendent and Lead Teacher

Ms. Gina is the supervisor of the 2nd through 12th grade classroom and she currently has 18 students in her classroom. She attended the A.C.E Supervisors Training back in June and has prior experience with the curriculum and class setup we use.

Karen Saxton

Lead Teacher, 1st and 2nd Grade

Maggie Cannon

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Maggie is our Kindergarten teacher and is also a member of our church. When the church began to discuss possible supervisors she was quick to respond to the need.

Dan Zortman


QSCA Board of Directors

Dan Zortman


Sam Saxton

Vice President

Nancy Larsen


Earl Cannon


Calos Tinoco


Karen Saxton