THE QSCA Academic Program

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The curriculum used for Kindergarten is called Kindergarten with ACE and Christ. This curriculum is taught in a traditional style classroom setting and offers a strong auditory base for “learning to read”. It also offers an excellent writing and numbers – foundation. Each student is graded on the same material and level as the rest of the class. This curriculum is Bible-based with an emphasis on character development.


Students may be disciplined for disobedience or misbehavior. For serious or repeated misbehavior, students may be sent to the Principal’s Office. A parent conference may be necessary.

Field Trips

Students will go on periodic field trips throughout the year. The dress code for
the field trips will be the school attire unless a notice is sent home to let you know of a
change. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend field trips and help chaperone.


Students will have at least two (2) breaks each day. They may bring a healthy snack for a break but PLEASE do not bring toys.

1st Grade - High School


The Curriculum used for 1st Grade through High School is called Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). It is a self-paced, individualized, Bible-based curriculum. It is divided into packets (called PACES) in such a way that 12 PACES comprise a year’s work in each subject. Each quarter of school (9-weeks) the students are required to complete 3 PACES in each subject. Most students will have 6 core subjects (Math, English, Word Building, Literature & Creative Writing, Science, and Social Studies). Students who maintain a 94% grade point average will be placed on the Honor Roll. Students who maintain a 95% or higher grade point average will be placed on Pastor’s Honor Roll.

A PACE is passed only if the student scores 80% or higher. If a student scores below the minimum, he/she will be assigned a repeat PACE of the same number. He/She will work the PACE again and be tested again until the PACE is passed. All scores on the Report Card represent only the PACES passed.

Goal Setting

Each morning before you begin your PACE work, you must set your goals.
You will write down on your goal Card the subjects that you have and the page numbers that you plan to complete that day. You are required to set a minimum number of pages each day as per your supervisor.


Homework is for students who don’t complete their goals for the day during
class time. Whatever you didn’t finish in class is what you must finish for homework. Each day your teacher (supervisor or monitor) will check to make sure your goals are set reasonably and that you completed the previous day’s goals.


Scoring is a very important part of the learning process. Improper scoring usually
results in failed tests. The score keys are color-coded to match your PACEs. When you
come to a score strip in your PACE, you need to get permission to go to the score table to check your work. If an answer is not correct, you must place a red X on the number of that problem. If there are no mistakes on the page, circle the page number with red ink and proceed to the next page. After all the pages have been scored, put a red X in the first box of the score strip. Finally, get permission to re-score. If the answers are correct, circle the red X’s and if all the answers on the page are correct, circle the page number. When all the pages in that section are correct, put a red X in the last box of the score strip.
Testing – Testing is our tool for measuring mastery of concepts. You must score at least 80%
on every test. When you complete a PACE, you must take notes from the vocabulary, the
checkups, and the Self-Test. Then you must turn in the completed PACE and take the test the
following class day. Minimize PACE failures by taking good notes, studying on your own
the night before the test, and by getting your parents to quiz you over your notes. If you fail
your PACE test, parents are responsible to purchase a new PACE for $25.
The Learning Center – The Learning Center is strictly a place to work. We have breaks for
the running, talking, and visiting you might want to do. We want to maintain an atmosphere
that is conducive to your Christian learning experience. Therefore, we want you to keep your
offices neat at all times. The only things that should be pinned up in your offices are your
star charts, goal cards, and anything your supervisor gives you to pin-up.
Breaks – Breaks are the time to get a drink of water and go to the restroom. If you need to
leave the class for these purposes beyond the appointed times, it may be at the teacher’s

College and Beyond

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